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    • We ship by USPS or FedEx unless otherwise specified or requested.
    • We will hand deliver or ship free of charge to LOCAL area (within 20 miles of Fort Lee (Fort Gregg-Adams), Va).
    • For bulk orders, call us and we can sometimes reduce shipping costs.
    • For regular orders (1 or 2 items) we will refund shipping payment over actual shipping costs (shipping cost varies with location).
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Coyote Enterprises (CoyEnt) and all about us:

  • Coyote Enterprises is owned and managed by an Army retiree and is located near Ft. Lee, Va. We provide figurines, trophies and awards to the Military to recognize end of tour of duty, special achievements and remembrances. Our products are from internationally recognized artist’s like Rod Mench Studios and other suppliers. Our cost is way below other companies because our customers are also our comrades in arms.
  • Coyote Enterprises was established in 1992 to provide Archery Clubs an alternative to plastic trophies that get put up into an attic or down in the basement. Our animal figurines can be used as awards or just by themselves.  Members of the military requested we do the same for them….and we responded by creating statues and awards, as well as those of other artists.   CoyEnt items are designed to be displayed in every room of the house, or outside in the garden or on the porch. They are pleasing to the decor and to the eye. When used as trophies the winners will now display their awards and in the process bring more competitors to the events that carry our product. Following that idea, we have been very successful in increasing the number of clubs and individuals that do business with us, which enables us to achieve more buying power for our components, and that enables us to pass that savings on to you, our customers  AND THAT KEEPS OUR PRICES LOW!
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