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Fueler Statue

Fueler Statue$206

SKU #: P358 Fueler Statue stands 16″ tall and is made from a casting cement trade named as hydrocal.  A variety of bases are available at additional cost, All bases INCLUDE a FREE engraved plate with wording of your choice (Limit 120 characters/3 lines.

Hermes Running

Hermes Running$72

SKU # CE77310A4  measures approximately 7″ in Length, 9″ High.  Made of cold cast bronze, with attention to detail in mind. Choose a Wood Base  to make an AWESOME award or gift (free engraved plate with your choice of wording (120 character / 3 line max).  Just the thing to recognize our soldiers in the … [View Details]

Iron Mike

Iron Mike$63

SKU# 22-99-55-00 This item is modeled after the famed Fort Bragg Infantry “Iron Mike” statue, Made of high quality marble resin  features flexible helmet straps, and machine-gun sling. Statue has removable plate for attachment of engraving or picture. Bronze in color, this item makes an AWESOME display as a trophy, award or tour of duty … [View Details]

La Justice

La Justice$63

SKU# CE76552A1 La Justice is made of cold cast bronze and stands 10 1/4″ high.  A Wood base or wood pen set base are available at extra cost. Also available……(not pictured) ……Put it on the available RESIN base coin and pen set for an AWESOME display/award/desk set. The resin base holds 9 coins which fit … [View Details]

Logistics Corps Award

Logistics Corps Award$71

SKU # LA-01   This item is a sculpted representation of the Logistics Corps emblem. Item measures  7 1/2″ H x 6 1/2 W x 3″ D and is made of epoxy resin. There is a space in the front for holding an excellence coin. Different bases are available as pictured at extra cost. All … [View Details]

Mechanical Spartan Award

Mechanical Spartan Award$200 Sold Out

PISTON-Mech SKU#: MSA-2016  with copper wire trim ($220). Measures approximately 15″ H x 7″ W x 6″ D without base.  This item is handmade for CoyEnt.  No two are alike, but all feature an actual motor piston for his body and holding a push-rod spear.  This “Spartan” is a mechanics dream award. Made from automotive … [View Details]

Mini Ord Award

Mini Ord Award$45

SKU# OMM-01 This is the MINIATURE Version of our popular Ordnance  Award….Item measures L 4″ x W 5″ x H 7″ and has the Ordnance Creed embossed on it.  Made of high quality marble resin and finished in a bronze look.  “Ordnance Corps” is embossed on the front but can be covered with an engraved … [View Details]

MR/MS Pipeline

MR/MS Pipeline$200

Just for fuelers…… “Water Dogs”, Laboratory Specs…….The pipeline figurine. Item #Pipe. This figure stands approximately 15.5″ high, and 8″ wide and is made with real metal pipe, pipe fittings and gauge. This item is made exclusively for CoyEnt by an active duty soldier ! Item can be used as a trophy or pen set with … [View Details]

Ordnance Bomb Award (BZ)

Ordnance Bomb Award (BZ)$120

SKU# ORD-001,  Item is made of high quality hard poly-resin and measures W 4.5″ x L 4.5″ x H 11″.  There is a slot molded in the base that will hold a coin.  A colorized version is available at extra cost. Three types of wood bases are available at extra cost: Cherry finish, Flat Black finish or … [View Details]

Quartermaster Award (Large)

Quartermaster Award (Large)$110

SKU # QMLG-001  is made of high quality marble resin and measures  W9.5″ x H9″ x D5″.  Item may be ordered with “U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps” plate as pictured or metal plate engraved with your choice of wording (max 2 lines). There is a slot molded in the base for a commemorative coin . A wooden base is available … [View Details]