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Air Defense Award

Air Defense Award

This item is currently under design and concept drawing phase. If you are interested in providing input, idea’s or requesting status, please e-mail us at

Engineer Corps Award

Engineer Corps Award

*****CONCEPT DRAWING******This item is currently under design, being sculpted and/or in manufacture process. If you are interested pre-ordering or in learning the current status, please email us at

Logistics Corps Award

Logistics Corps Award$71

SKU # LA-01 ¬† This item is a sculpted representation of the Logistics Corps emblem. Item measures¬† 7 1/2″ H x 6 1/2 W x 3″ D and is made of epoxy resin. There is a space in the front for holding an excellence coin. Different bases are available as pictured at extra cost. All … [View Details]

MR/MS Pipeline

MR/MS Pipeline$200

Just for fuelers…… “Water Dogs”, Laboratory Specs…….The pipeline figurine. Item #Pipe. This figure stands approximately 15.5″ high, and 8″ wide and is made with real metal pipe, pipe fittings and gauge. This item is made exclusively for CoyEnt by an active duty soldier ! Item can be used as a trophy or pen set with … [View Details]

Transportation Corps Award (Lg)

Transportation Corps Award (Lg)$86

SKU# TA-02.  Item depicts a 3-D Transportation Corps Regimental crest in back of a set of railroad tracks with truck tire, ship prop and aircraft prop leaning against the crest.  Item measures: 8 1/4″ H x 8 1/4″ W x 3″ D and is made of epoxy Resin.  Different bases are available at extra cost … [View Details]