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Elk Figurines/Awards

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SKU# PY-1923 , is made of quality hard resin and measures 13″ H. This Bronzed Elk is an outstanding display and makes and AWESOME award.

Elk Bobblehead

Elk Bobblehead$24

SKU# BHA-13………… Comes in One version….. Large … This LARGE Version (BHA-13) is 5″ high… ($24.00) and although no longer manufactured,  we do have some in stock.   This item has a silly, lovable face that wiggles and nods when touched. If you’ve always wanted someone who would agree with everything you said, this bobble head … [View Details]

Elk Canvas Look Plate

Elk Canvas Look Plate$9 Sold Out

SKU#  17689, item is 13″ in diameter and looks like a painting on canvas. Plate is for decorative purposes only and when used as an award or trophy, we include a FREE metal tag which is placed on bottom of plate.

Faux Wood Elk

Faux Wood Elk$13

SKU# PWE-142 measures 6″ W x 6″ H x 2″ W .  When used as a trophy/award, a variety of bases are available at extra cost, but each includes a free engraved plate with wording of your choice (limit 120 characters/2 lines).

Seasons of the Elk

Seasons of the Elk$12.00 Sold Out

SKU# HD26985 item is made of high quality hard poly-resin.  Item measures H6.65” x L6.1” x W3.95” . When used as an award,  item is attached to a plastic base (not shown) with metal tag with your choice of wording included  at no extra charge. IMAGINE…an award actually used and admired everyday!

Standing Elk

Standing Elk$18.00

SKU# X4074  item is made of high quality hard poly-resin and measures 10″ x 10″.  When used as an award or trophy we can attach a metal tag or for a more prestigious award we recommend our optional wood base ($4.25) which also includes a FREE metal plate engraved with your choice of wording. Horns … [View Details]

Wood Elk 1 Stand

Wood Elk 1 Stand$24 Sold Out

SKU# TD1055 is made up of different types of wood to create an extraordinary tabletop award or display. It measures H=11 inches; W=8 inches and comes complete with wood base and free engraved plate.

Wood Elk 2 Stand

Wood Elk 2 Stand$26

SKU# TD1059 is made from different types of wood to create an extraordinary table top award or decoration. Item measures H=11 inches; W=9 inches. Comes complete with stand and free engraved plate with wording of your choice.