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Bear Figurines/Awards

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Bronzed Bear (LG)

Bronzed Bear (LG)$30

SKU# PY1930 is made from high quality hard poly resin. It measures 14″ high and makes an awesome award or display.

Brown Bear Bobblehead

Brown Bear Bobblehead$6

SKU# MBHA3…………. Comes in TWO versions Large (BHA3) and Small (MBHA3).…….  the SMALL version (MBHA3) is 3″ high  ($6.00)..and is currently being manufactured…….  the LARGE Version (BHA3) is 5″ high… ($24.00) and although no longer manufactured,  we do have some in stock.   (Main picture is large version, secondary picture is small version) Both versions have … [View Details]

Brown Bear Sculpture

Brown Bear Sculpture$350.00

Grand-Scale Brown Bear Garden Sculpture SKU # KY18152 Our advice is to keep this one away from the backyard barbie and neighbors who might call Animal Control! Our realistically sculpted, 3½-foot-long mischievous Brown Bear is sculpted 360 degrees to be admired from all sides while lumbering through your garden. Cast in quality designer resin for … [View Details]

Catch of The Day

Catch of The Day$200.00

Catch of the Day Grand Bear Outdoor Pond or Garden Sculpture                   by artist Samuel Lightfoot SKU# DB383082   This ursine fisherman is powerfully impressive in both size and detail! An avid student of the natural world, artist Lightfoot has managed to adeptly embody the spirit of the wild in his majestic bear garden statue, perfect … [View Details]

Faux Wood Bear Bust

Faux Wood Bear Bust$24 Sold Out

SKU# PY-267 measures 11.5″ High and is made of high quality poly resin. When used as a trophy, a wood base with free engraved plate is available at extra cost (limit 120 Characters/3 lines).   Also available as pen set which includes two pens/funnels and free engraved plate with wording of your choice (limit 120 Characters/3 … [View Details]

Metal Bear Trophy/Wall Art

Metal Bear Trophy/Wall Art$40 Sold Out

SKU# X1530 Metal Bear Head is made from 1/16″ steel and is 25″W x 24″H.  It can be used as wall art or as a trophy. When used as a trophy, a metal plate engraved with wording of your choice (limit 120 characters) is included free (use the “Notes/Special Instructions” block to enter your wording).

Polar Bear Head

Polar Bear Head$40 Sold Out

SKU# HD44052 “Lord Of The Arctic” Polar Bear wall hanger measures  14.5″ Long

Roaring Bear Head

Roaring Bear Head$40 Sold Out

SKU#  HD44143 “Territorial Terror” wall hanger..measures 16″ H.

Standing Bear

Standing Bear$22

SKU# HD41504 “Surveyor of Domains”  is 14 3/4″ high. Made from poly resin and individually hand painted and crafted by professional artists to present a life like character. Use as an addition to your home decor or to recognize achievement in hunting, archery or other outdoor sport….then it will also provide double duty as a … [View Details]

Walking Bear

Walking Bear$14

SKU # X032 Walking Bear measures 9″L x 5.5″H.  When used as a trophy, we recommend our 5″ x 10″ wood base which includes an engraved plate with wording of your choice (limit 2 lines/ 120 characters). Can be made into a pen set with the addition of two pens & funnels.