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Mantle Flag Case – $150

Mantle Flag Case
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SKU# 500 case is available in oak or a solid hardwood with walnut, cherry or black finish. Item comes mounted on a solid wood pedestal, perfect for displaying your special flag on a mantle piece. The pedestal cases also come with a black-on-brass engraved plate (1 ½” x 4″) with wording of your choice (limit 200 characters/4 lines) that can be mounted on the pedestal.

All cases are hand crafted with reinforcing inserts for extra structural integrity, strength and durability. The acrylic faces are lightweight and durable. The case is finished with a high-gloss varnish that treats and protects the wood, ensuring a lasting luster. The case can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The back of these cases is easily removable for convenient placement of your flag. Complete care instructions are provided.