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Beret – $25

Base Option:

Quantity Available: 8

SKU# U-2-1 Beret is a full size  “beret relief”  of a beret which can be placed on any flat surface. Your full size flash and pin will fit perfectly on the beret. The beret can be painted any color to match airborn, ranger, air force ect.

We also offer this as a completed 9″ x 12″ beret plaque as shown in the smaller picture.

The Engraved plate measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ and engraving with your choice of wording (up to eight lines and/or 100 characters) is included……..

Additional characters are .10 each……engraved logos such as Regimental crests, airborne wings etc. (Ordnance regimental crest shown) are $3.00 each.

Send e-mail with wording and logo requirement to when ordering. Questions/clarification?…call us at 804-691-5117.