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Athena Throwing Javalin – $93

Athena Throwing Javalin
Base Option:

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SKU #CE76978A4

The Ultimate Female Warrior! This extremely detailed and well made statue is made of cold cast bronze. The special production process of this piece originated in Great Britain and uses actual bronze powder mixed with cold cast resin in order to ensure a richer and more authentic presentation. Statue measures 10.25″ tall and the bottom of the base is lined with felt to prevent it from scratching delicate surfaces. The bronze finish emphasizes the detail of the piece; from the texture of the grass she stands on to the markings on the shield. Wood Base is available which includes metal plate engraved with wording of your choice (3 Line Maximum) (send email with wording requested). Also available are either a wood pen set/base (with two pens) or resin pen set/base (one pen).

NOTE: The spear is packaged on the outside of the styrofoam that contains the statue. When wood base is ordered, the felt is removed from the bottom of statue and replaced with base attachment material….Base is NOT shipped attached.

Additional Details: Quantity Discounts Available