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Vietnam Era Soldier “Walking Point” – $75

Vietnam Era Soldier “Walking Point”

Engraving Requested(if any):

This statue represents a Vietnam era soldier in a classic “walking point” pose.  The base has a map of Vietnam looking like a puddle of water in the jungle……with a  trip wire stretched across the path. The soldier senses that something is wrong and is giving the sign to “hold up/stop”

Made of high quality and detailed marble resin, it stands approximately 13″ high and 6″ wide.

Available in 4 different models…..

  • African American Soldier in bronze (shown) SKU#: 99-77-00B
  • African American Soldier in color  SKU#: 22-99-77-01B
  • Caucasian Soldier in bronze SKU#: 99-77-00W
  • Caucasian Soldier in color (color shown) SKU#: 22-99-77-01W

LIMITED AMOUNTS IN STOCK…these are no longer made and when they are gone, they are GONE.