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Buffalo Soldier Statue – $109Sold Out

Buffalo Soldier Statue
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SKU# 22-30-1000 BUFFALO SOLDIER, BRONZE-TONE Historically and militarily accurate to 1866 specs, this is one of the best you’ll find on the market – a real beauty! This sculpture will appeal to anyone who’s a history, Black art, or Western buff; perfect award for those who are in the Army cavalry or  any one with that “I’ll never quit” attitude. Features include bonded leather reins, real lead rope, separately cast bags, a custom-made U.S. flag (true to 1866 period), Guide-on, and a 2” diameter coin holder. Item measures  14” x 8” x 8”  and weights 11 lbs, and is made of high quality hard  poly-resin, includes separate coin holder and a flag lance (not shown).  Item can be mounted on a real walnut base (9″ x 12″) which is available at extra cost. Walnut base includes two FREE engraved plates (not shown) with your choice of words. A less expensive base is available which is made of simulated cherry.

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